ICAR Webinar Series

As you know, New Jersey’s Infection Control Assessment and Response, or ICAR team, is a CDC-funded initiative to assess infection prevention programs in healthcare facilities across the state. As part of this program, the ICAR team has developed several educational resources to help facilities mitigate gaps identified during our visits. In an effort to continue this important work, the ICAR team is currently developing an on-demand webinar series to share common infection prevention and control gaps in healthcare facilities, by setting. As part of this webinar series, we will be partnering with our colleagues at the Department of Health’s Health Facility Survey & Field Operations division, which focuses on regulation and licensing of healthcare facilities.

 Although this webinar series will be pre-recorded, we wanted to give our ICAR participants a chance to ask de-identified, non-punitive questions of the surveyors (and of the ICAR team) to share during the webinar. Due to time constraints, not every question asked will be addressed, but we will try to address questions that multiple facilities ask. Ultimately, this webinar series is meant to compare and contrast the ICAR team’s observed gaps with those seen on state and federal surveys, while sharing FREE resources to help improve infection prevention in your facility!

To submit your questions, please visit THIS LINK. Each facility can submit 1 – 3 questions. The questions will then be organized and prioritized, to be answered during the recorded webinar. The link will only be active until December 8, 2017 so please input your questions before then.

It would be incredibly beneficial for us if you could disseminate this questionnaire to your membership, or share some common questions you receive. If you have any questions or concerns about this questionnaire, please email myself at Rini.Jose@doh.nj.gov or call at (609) 826 – 5964. Thank you all for your continued commitment to infection prevention in the state of New Jersey and your partnership with the ICAR team!