Dear NJAASC Members:

NJAASC has designated August as “New Jersey ASC Month,” a time to recognize the valuable contributions and critical role of ASCs to New Jersey’s healthcare delivery system.

In August, we will embark on an awareness campaign to raise visibility for New Jersey’s ASCs, and as part of that, we will provide each of our member centers with the tools so that they too, can promote themselves within their own communities in honor of New Jersey ASC Month.

We are asking our member centers to offer facility tours and free health screenings to members of their community. We suggest that you pick one afternoon during the month of August to open your doors to allow the public to see what ASC’s are really all about. We will provide a templated press release later this month that you can use to send to your local newspaper (weekly and daily) announcing the Open House in light of New Jersey ASC Month. Our hope is that this event will bring potential new patients into the center.

Then later in August we will send you a template release that you can send to your local press AFTER the event with a photo that you take over the course of the afternoon – perhaps of someone getting a tour or someone getting their blood pressure checked for example.

This is a great way to build community engagement, generate media coverage for your center and raise visibility for our industry overall.

Next month, we also plan to announce our commitment as an association to supporting the ASCA Foundation Medical Mission Scholarship, which funds volunteer medical missions for One World Surgery. More information can be found here: We will kick off our year-long fundraising campaign in August to underscore our industry’s commitment to the delivery of care – anywhere in the world. This foundation accepts cash donations, in kind donations of medical supplies, and staff can participate in missions. We will be sharing more information throughout the year with our member centers so that they can join in this effort.

August looks to be an exciting month, and we looking forward to see how all our
member centers embrace this special series of events.

Jeff Shanton, President



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