Center Administrator

Submitted: July 7, 2020

Contact Phone Number: 615-946-5782
Position: Center Administrator
Location: Eatontown, NJ
Employment Status: Full
Contact Title: HR Manager
Contact Email:
Contact Fax Information:
Company Website:
Starting Salary:
Ending Salary:
Company: Advanced Endosocpy and Surgical Center
Contact Name: Jennifer Davis


The Center Administrator is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Advanced Endoscopy and Surgical Center within the authority of the Board of Directors. This includes planning, organizing, and directing overall operations for the Center according to our policies, procedures, goals, and objectives. The Administrator ensures that the Centers meets all relevant local, state, federal, and accrediting-body rules and regulations. The Administrator is responsible for financial and cost-containment decisions within the Center. The Administrator serves as internal risk manager, and is responsible for management of all aspects of the environment of care, personnel, materials management, equipment procurement, education of personnel, and administrative duties. The Administrator coordinates and directs patient care in the Center according to adopted policies and procedures, state and federal regulations, and accepted accreditation standards. The Administrator promotes a favorable image of the Centers to physicians, staff, patients, insurance companies, and the general public, and may delegate duties as he or she deems necessary. The Administrator reports directly to the Vice President of Operations for the Center’s management company.

•Bachelor’s Degree required; Business Background a plus
•Registered Nurse preferred
•Minimum of three (3) years of surgery center management experience preferred
•Gastroenterology experience highly preferred