Operating Room Nurse

Submitted: January 18, 2021

Contact Phone Number: 12014789160
Position: Operating Room Nurse
Location: Bloomfield NJ
Employment Status: Full
Contact Title: Nurse Administrator
Contact Email: RDamaghi@freedomsurg.com
Contact Fax Information:
Company Website:
Starting Salary:
Ending Salary:
Company: Freedom Surgical Center, LLC
Contact Name: Ruth Damaghi

Summary of the position include but are not limited to the following:

  • The primary responsibility of this position is to provide nursing care to ensure the safety of the patient during their stay in the Surgery suite.
    1. To utilize specialized nursing knowledge and discriminative judgment while giving direct and indirect patient care.
    2. To perform the tasks delegated to the “circulating” role.
      • Checks room for needed supplies and prepares room for specific patient and procedure.
      • Assist in transporting patient to O.R. and checks patient record for appropriate pre-op preparation and procedures (i.e. lab, x-ray, H&P, appropriate consent).
      • Performs and/or directs appropriate Surgery prep.
      • Completes documentation for O.R. records, laboratory requisitions, and patient chart including medications and physician orders.
      • Directs proper care of instruments, supplies, sterilization, and storage of equipment.
      • Supervises and assists with the proper, safe positioning of the patient.
      • Performs sponge, needle, and instrument counts and documentation of same.
      • Identifies, labels, and cares for all surgery specimens properly.
      • Secures emergency equipment and supplies as needed.
      • Controls the general “tone” of the operating room.
    3. To perform the tasks of the “scrub” role. (Only applicable if OR RN is appropriately trained in the scrub role.)

The Operating Room Staff Nurse must be a graduate of an accredited School of Nursing and be currently licensed to practice nursing. A minimum of one-year experience in the operating room is preferred. The successful candidate must have the ability to work independently as well as function within a team; have the ability to assess patient needs, determine priorities, plan and direct care for the Surgery patient, and must possess the ability to handle stress.