Surgical Recovery Specialist Organ and Tissue

Submitted: March 13, 2020

Contact Phone Number: 908-516-5665
Position: Surgical Recovery Specialist Organ and Tissue
Location: New Providence, NJ
Employment Status: Full
Contact Title: HR Administrator - Employment
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Company: NJ Sharing Network
Contact Name: Roxana Beltran

When working on organ cases the Surgical Recovery Specialist ensures the operating room is set up with sufficient and appropriate materials and supplies, sets up back table with required containers, packaging, tubing, solutions and maintains a sterile field. Perfuses, prepares and packages organs with appropriate tissue typing per regulatory requirements. Responsible for the recovery of organs for research. Assists with post-mortem care. Assists with training new recovery staff.

When working on tissue cases the Surgical Recovery Specialist assesses, preps and performs tissue recovery, packaging, and labeling of tissues using sterile technique according to accrediting agencies and processors standards.

This position requires 24-hour on-call status and is required to work extended periods, including 24-hour and overnight shifts. Responsible for all regulatory compliance pertaining to tissue donation. Responsible for timely compliance with all Network programs and policies.

– High School degree or equivalent, plus one to two years of experience as a surgical technician or equivalent/related experience are required.
– Encouraged to take the AATB Certification – Certified Tissue Bank Specialist (CTBS).