Infection Control Conference Available to View

In February, NJAASC in partnership with NJDOH held the Inaugural Infection Control Conference. The event sold out in 24 hours, so it was decided to film the program so those who could not attend would be able to take advantage of the program, and view it.

NJAASC in conjunction with Macallan Productions has created a virtual classroom, with the program broken down by individual presentation for ease of viewing. Each presentation has timers, so presentations cannot be skipped, you must watch all of one to be able to access the next. You of course can take your time and view each individual presentation at your leisure, you do not have to watch the entire program at one sitting!

The cost is $100.00

Click here

After you complete your PayPal payment, you will be forwarded to the platform account.

NJDOH has confirmed that viewing the ENTIRE program will qualify the individual viewing to receive the same certification as those who attended the meeting in person.

Completion of viewing this film in its entirety will qualify per NJDOH as the regulatory training requirement for the in-house health care professional tasked with day to day infection control.

Once an individual completes viewing the entire program, the platform will alert NJAASC, and we will mail you a certificate.

If you have any questions please contact Jeff Shanton