Operating Room Nurse

Operating Room Nurse


January 27, 2023


Paramus, NJ

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Full Time


New Century Spine & Outpatient Surgical Institute

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Surgical Coordinator

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(201) 634-9000

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POSITION SUMMARY: Provides nursing car by assessment, planning, treatment and evaluation/re-evaluation of the patient. Provides and coordinates safe, knowledgeable, compassionate, educative, individualized and goal-directed nursing care to patients of the Center.   SPECIALTY: O.R.
  1. At the beginning of surgery day, check suction pump, autoclave, O2, nitrogen cylinder, and low gas pressure alarm, as required by the tars surgery schedule, for proper functioning.
  2. Assist/delegates Scrub Tech with opening supplies for case.
  3. Prepare patient for surgery by verifying consents (surgical/anesthesia) versus patient identity and scheduled procedure, and assist patient into O.R.
  4. Be responsible for assessing and take action to relieve patient apprehension before and during administration of anesthesia, offer assistance to anesthesia personnel as needed.
  5. Remain at patient's side during induction.
  6. Performs surgical prep.
  7. Makes available the required and additional instruments and supplies as requested during the
  8. During local sedation cases, record vital signs and give medications as ordered by physician or anesthesia personnel.
  9. Act as a scrub nurse or circulating nurse during operative procedure.
  10. Makes a determination for the need to count sponges and needles as may be required by surgical case/procedure.
  11. Assist in transferring patient to Recovery Room.
  12. Be responsible for assuring that supplies for each case are ready for use.
  13. Ensure the cleaning of room after a case by delegating or by assisting other personnel.
  14. Assists with post-op call to patient on the afternoon or evening of patient's surgery and document call on patients record.
  15. Inventory and restock supplies as needed in O.R.
Additional requirements will be discussed at the time of the interview.  
  1. Graduate of a Professional School of Nursing
  2. Current state licensure as a Registered Nurse
  3. Current certification in basic CPR (in OR) and ACLS (in PACU)
  4. Evidence of continuing education
  5. Good command of the English language, both verbal and written
  6. Meets the needs of the nursing service as demanded by the schedule, particularly when overtime hours and time changes become necessary.
  7. Ability to work well with physicians, employees, patients and others.

(609) 503-7696


414 River View Plaza Trenton, N.J. 08611

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