Message from the President

I am deeply honored to serve as the new President of NJAASC and look forward to working with our new Board, our management company PSI, and all those whose contributions to the organization are vital and necessary for the success of NJAASC.

Our industry (indeed, health care as a whole) is constantly evolving, and that trend will continue.  As the recognized trade organization for all surgical centers in New Jersey, NJAASC will continue to work diligently to ensure that the best interests of our members and the industry as a whole are best served.  I personally look forward to promoting and advancing the efforts of our industry by communicating and disseminating information to our members about our ambulatory surgical community.  NJAASC will continue to be very active in advocating for our industry in Trenton, and further our close working relationship with the New Jersey Department of Health.

There is power in unity and strength in numbers, so I encourage all of you to advocate for our industry, too, to ensure our best interests are served.  To that end, I hope you will become active in our organization and assist NJAASC in its efforts. One way is to volunteer and join one of our committees.

Another way you can become involved is by simply becoming part of the conversation.  We recently introduced a new feature on the website — the Member Forum – which allows our members to ask questions or start a discussion about any topic in real time. At the end of every day when a new topic or response has been posted, you will be notified:  “A new post has been added on the NJAASC Member Forum today — Please click on and join the conversation.”

I sincerely hope you will log on and join fellow NJAASC members in the discussion.

An organization is only as good and strong as its membership.  If you have any ideas or questions about how to become involved, please reach out to me at any time.

Jeff Shanton

President, NJAASC