New Jersey Association of Ambulatory Surgical Centers recently put on two emergency preparedness seminars (North and South) for ASCs in New Jersey.

Presented by Meg Stagliano, Vice President NJAASC and Chair, Member Resources Committee, these programs dealt with specific aspects of this important regulation that goes into effect on Nov. 15.

“While centers are certainly aware of this regulation and probably (hopefully) have policies written, we looked at this another way,” said Jeff Shanton, president of NJAASC. “Can you perform your own risk assessment, and conduct your own table top exercise and drill seemed to be aspects that centers did not understand or did not know how to do.”

The two events totaled over one hundred attendees, with almost 15 percent of participants being non-members of NJAASC.

“This showed us that there was a need for such an event, and that non-member centers also needed a resource to turn to,” said Mr. Shanton.

To view the full article from Becker’s ASC Review, click here.

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